Instant Cappuccino Coffee G7

G7 Cappuccino in considered a high end instant cappuccino coffee that has top notch Italian style with attractive taste and 3 different flavours of selection.

G7 Cappuccino – Mocha
Combination between rich cocoa and finest coffee essential from a typical intense G7 Mocha Cappuccino

G7 Cappuccino – Irich Cream
The distinctive flavor of Irich whiskey drive you an elegant etiquette but full of adventure spinit.

G7 Cappuccino – Hazelnut
Mixed fresh Hazelnut flavor and coffee’s essential offer you an emotion of the Italian Queen.

Instant coffee G7 3in1

G7 instant coffee uses coffee beans that are selected from the fertile highlands of Vietnam and the best coffee producing regions around the world. G7’s unique manufacturing process extracts only the most aromatic and refined flavours that inspire creativity and passion for thought. G7 instant coffee is most acclaimed by world’s coffee lover as their first choice.